Boy Scout Troop 7
Niantic, CT

Troop 7 was originally chartered with the Flanders Fire Company on April 30th, 1953 and remained associated with them until 1967. The troop was chartered with the Flanders Parent Teacher Association from then until 1993. 1993 saw Christ Lutheran Church become the sponsor and that relationship lasted until the end of 2015. The Troop's charter was taken up by the Bayview Masonic Center in early 2016.

In 2017 the Troop moved to Niantic Community Church.

The Troop is grateful to all the parents and other volunteers who have supported it over the years, in particular the Troop Leaders:

1953-54 Stanley Hislop
1954-55 Gordan Fraser
1955-1956 Arthur Lowe
1956-1958 John Bargnesi
1958-1960 Harry Prey
1960-1962 Daniel O'Brien
1962-1963 Donald Brailey
1963-1964 Henry Manbin
1964-1968 Robert Walker
1969-1970 Carlyle Ness
1971-1975 RR. Collville III
1975-1979 George Brown
1979-1982 Robert Silva
1982-1985 Jim Curley
1985-1986 Paul Bodenhofer
1986-1987 Ben Bullock
1987-1988 Wayne Gronlund
1988-1989 Paul Bodenhofer
1989-1990 Ron Luich
1990-1991 Richard Bloomshield
1991-1994 Fred Levitsky
1994-1996 John Hardink
1996-2010 Robert Moller
2010-2013 George Sisson
2013-2014 Todd Oschner
2014-2015 Steve Dinsmore
2015- Tom Morris

© Troop 7, Niantic, CT.